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VidRepurposer Review

What is VidRepurposer?

VidRepurposer Review is a flexible cloud application that can create months of unique and quality video content from links, text and even videos for you or your customers. This includes the opportunity to change every Youtube videos into 100% of your own video to do the work of life, or even Record.

There is incredible authority to coordinate each other, including changing slides, text, forts, images and videos, etc. In addition, it can "repackage" the new video into more unique content to be sold to customers including audio templates or dynamics.

It comes with 7 DFY templates and the most popular regional niches for quick success. Production plans include:

Turn any YT video into a unique video - The app extracts the content of the video (not just the description) and lets you customize the video.

Comes with 7 DFY templates - Use them to start with the 7 most popular niches in the area. Create or sell to customers.

Turn produced videos into more content - turn your new videos into blog posts, leads, podcasts, etc. for traffic increased by 10. Rich customization of any video - Add text, change size and color, add background images and videos from your library to create awesome videos

Turn any blog URL into a video - Copy/paste links or text to create amazing videos in minutes.

VidRepurposer Library Access - Get thousands of dollars worth of quality images and videos to use in your videos. Business rights included - you can sell the videos you create, pay a one-time fee, or sell content production as a monthly service to local clients.


[+] It's completely cloud based - Nothing to install

[+] You can preview the video before playing it

[+] It is tested with proven results

[+] You can convert quotes to text videos for others to share

[+] It's easy to use, get great results this weekend

What makes it different from other video applications:

Here are some reasons:

Comes with 7 unique DFY templates - Use them to start with the 7 most popular niches in the area. Create or sell to customers.

Only the app can use the existing video - VidRepurposer can extract the content of the video to text to convert to video. Only the app that can use the text - you can register with the Vidredure will change it on video

Speaking on social video - Viberosing comes with big library you can choose and change fast

Everything is 100% - including arts, text, fonts, pictures, etc. No clouds are rising clouds with a lot of personal rights. Customize the slideshow - You can choose to let VidRepurposer add pan/zoom animation to your background image, or customize it yourself.

Export videos to different media - download your video files with new subtitles, recycled images and audio files. You can sell them separately or use them on different websites, which is what Gary Vaynerchuk does. Export in HD quality is available with commercial license included

Funnel and link list:

Front end:

VidRepurposer Ads: -$27

Affiliate Program:



OTO1 - VidRepurposer Diamond Repurposer: - $49

Affiliate Program:

Sales page:

With the Diamond upgrade, users get upgraded features, usage limits and bonuses.

Includes the ability to use voice-to-speech technology to convert spoken audio to video, the ability to convert video to ebooks and audiobooks, up to 100 slides per video, the ability to upload audio and other premium video resources. OTO2 - Enterprise VidRepurposer: - $97

Affiliate link:

Business page:

Users can unlock unlimited video length and unlimited video slides using this upgrade. Additionally, it includes the ability to Outsource Licenses + One Link to put video creation on autopilot. In addition, access to the reseller program to resell the application for 100% service and get your money back.

OTO3 - VidViral VidRepurposer Special: -$24

Affiliate link:

Sales page:

The cloud app that creates viral video memes on Facebook has the ability to add captions above and below videos on social media. Perfect for adding their VidRepurposer videos to use as Facebook ad videos.

OTO4 - VidRepurposer Reddule Special: - $19

Affiliate link:

The first real user-friendly training and software for salespeople, Now that you have the video content, help it go viral on the most viral network out there.

Earlybird Information:

There will be an earlybird discount until 4pm EST (price will be $27) which price will rise $1.00, then price will go up again 11:59pm EST on day 1.

Day 2 coupon: repurpose5 comes into effect to bring the price back down 5%

Prizes and Contests:

Day 1 Contest:

First - $500

Second - $200

Third - $100

Forth - $50

Based # of sales by the top 4 affiliates. Ends 11:59pm EST day of launch.

Overall Contest Includes:

First - $1500

Second - $1000

Third - $500

Fourth - $250

Fifth - $100

Sixth - $50

Will also include daily contests, closing contest, and more to be announced soon.

Please make sure to have your team submitted to a VidRepurposer team member by 10:00 am EST on launch day.

We will also be announcing the top 15 affiliates in order with no partners so make sure to prepare a great promo as there will be extra leaderboard recognition for this.

Contact Info

Get in touch for with any questions.

JV Manager: Ben Murray (Skype: passiveprofits7)

Rohan Chaudhari (Skype: chaudharirohan)

Harshal Jadhav (Skype: harshaljadhav)

If you have under 50 sales and are not approved please contact Ben on Skype with how you’ll be promoting and your review website.

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